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Today’s rumor: Perryville High School’s track has been condemned

Update 8/8/14: The new track at Perryville High School was completed in July. Click here

The boys’ just walked in from lacrosse practice–today’s rumor at Perryville High is that our track has been condemned and otherwise deemed not suitable for competition. I don’t yet have it in writing or from official sources.

What I do have in writing is the fact that funding for our track is one of 15 small capital projects in the original CCPS budget request that were rejected by the Cecil County Council. The total request was for 17 projects totaling over $7 million. The Cecil County Council has only recommended that 2 of these requests get funded for a total of $1.3 million

Projects on the small capital budget include:

  • Track replacement for Perryville High
  • Gym floor replacements for Bo Manor High and Conowingo Elementary
  • Tennis court resurfacing at Elkton, Rising Sun, and Perryville
  • Locker room at North East High

And none of those projects are currently approved for 2015 but I believe CCPS is resubmitting them for consideration.

What Can You Do?

Contact the County Executive and members of the County Council and encourage them to support the CCPS budget.

  • Tari Moore–County Executive–tmoore@ccgov.org
  • Alan McCarthy–Vice President–amccarthy@ccgov.org
  • Joyce Bowlsbey–jbowlsbey@ccgov.org
  • Michael Dunn–mdunn@ccgov.org
  • Diana Broomell–dbroomell@ccgov.org
  • Robert Hodge–President–rhodge@ccgov.org